Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my water stain everything?

Red / Orange Stains: Iron in the water, even in small concentrations can create a nuisance in the laundry, house fixtures, etc. The most practical way for removal is through oxidation or ion exchange.

Green Stains: The greenish blue stain typically comes from corrosive acid water etching the existing copper pipes. There are mainly two methods to correct this problem: passing the water through a bed of crushed marble (Calcite) or injecting soda ash.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

Hydrogen sulfide imparts a characteristic “rotten egg” odor and taste to the water. This is usually the result of the decomposition of decaying underground organic deposits. Treatment can be achieved by chlorine injection or by filtering the water through a bed of manganese greensand media.

Do I have hard water?

The first indication of “hard water” is usually noticing the white deposits on glassware, sinks, and spigots. These deposits rob energy from hot water heaters, thus increasing the cost of operation. The most popular method for treatment is a water softener. (ion exchange)

Should I be concerned about coliform bacteria?

If found in your drinking water supply, coliform bacteria can lead to potentially serious health problems. An ultraviolet light purifier or chlorination is the means of treating this condition.

How much sodium will my softener add to my water?

This will depend on how many minerals are being removed from your water. A sodium ion will “bump” the unwanted minerals and add sodium to your diet. An option for no sodium replacement would be K-Life. This adds potassium, a healthy alternative to salt.

What are some causes of low water pressure?

There are several reasons you may be having low pressure. A plugged water filter, defective pressure switch, improperly set pressure switch, defective tank or defective pump. A process of elimination may be your best solution to finding your problem or call CWS for a service visit.

Will chlorinating my well solve my bacteria problem?

Yes: If the bacteria was introduced when the well was serviced.

No: If bacteria is a source problem continuous chlorination or ultra violet light purification will be needed to resolve this problem.

Why is there is air coming from faucets on occasion?

You may have a faulty bladder in your pressure tank, your well is low on water and the pump is breaking suction or you may have a defective check valve in well or well pump.

Actual equipment recommended is based on overall water test results. Please contact us with any questions regarding which equipment may be right for your water problem.

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Yes, We can accept credit card payments over the phone.

Where do I make a payment for my Water Utility Bill?

June 2017 we launched website to make payment and for other information on your water utility service.