Water Quality

Water Quality & Testing Process

Water Quality Testing is of a high importance, that’s why Country Water Systems uses ESS, a certified laboratory to test your home or business’ water quality. Country Water Systems elects to have testing processed through a certified lab to assure the results. Good service and the proper equipment depend on reliable data and testing through a certified lab enhances the ability to receive sound results.

Water Testing Process

Testing Samples

Retrieving water samples:

  • Self-collection with sterile containers or sample bottles with instructions are available at Country Water Systems located at 123 West Spencer Street in Culpeper.
  • Country Water Systems can collect samples at the site for a nominal fee.

Instructions for all sampling are offered through Country Water Systems or by going directly to ESS.


All testing and results are completed using parameters set by the EPA or the state’s Standard Method. ESS is certified by the tri-state region for drinking water testing and is regularly monitored by DEQ for wastewater testing.

Water Quality is individualized; each household water source may have a unique parameter as well as each user. Several factors are determined before a particular water quality test is administered or suggested. How your water looks, smells, stains, tastes, changes in color and location of source all become reasonable factors.

As a division of ESS we take the action that water quality should be analyzed on a regular basis. This helps create and build a database to compare future results too.

Country Water Systems and ESS together offer an unlimited variety of water quality testing. If we can be of assistance or if you have further questions on water testing please contact us at info@countrywatersystems.com or call 540-825-2781.