Filter Media, Materials & Parts

Filter Media, Materials & Parts

Country Water Systems carries and stocks many varieties of replacement parts and support material.

Birm – Used in Iron and some Manganese removal; media that does not require regeneration

Bulbs – for your Ultra Violet Purification systems in various sizes

Calcite– A granular media type that dissolves with usage and must be periodically replenished. Generally used for correcting pH and sediment issues in the water

Cartridge Filters – for Reverse osmosis systems and sediment filters

Corosex – Magnesium oxide, used to adjust pH in difficult applications

Filter Ag Plus – for sediment issues that require extra capacity for sediment removal

Fittings – We carry an assortment of Nibco fittings and valves for your system’s needs in PVC, Brass, Copper, PEX, Galvanized and stainless

K-LIFE Water Softening Crystals – Sodium Free Water Softener Crystals – Potassium Chloride Salt

Manganese Greensand – Media that requires periodic regeneration with Potassium Permanganate or Chlorine to keep media working properly

Potassium Permanganate – A strong oxidant agent. It is used to regenerate manganese greensand

Repair Components for Fleck, AquaMatic, Autotrol,Lancaster and Clack Valves (supplied by Lancaster Water Treatment)

Replacement Filters for PUR water filter products

Rust Out – A cleaner to revitalize your softener and remove red stains

Sodium Hypochlorite – strong liquid chlorine used in applications that require NSF approval – 12.5% available chlorine

Support Gravel – Sized gravel used to support filter media

Country Water Systems stocks most replacement support material for filter systems and most repair parts.  Non-stock items can be special ordered.